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Sedation Dentistry in Indianapolis

While dental services are designed with a patient’s comfort in mind, there are additional ways your dentist can help you relax during a visit. Whether you are experiencing anxiety or need of extensive treatment, sedation is a valuable tool that helps ensure a more positive treatment experience. At Hanson Family Dentistry, we offer sedation options for our patients in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, including Carmel and Nora. 

If you need extensive treatment or help to feel at ease in a dental environment, call Dr. Donald Hanson today to find out if sedation is right for you!

Sedation Options

Before adding sedation to your treatment plan, Dr. Hanson will review your medical history in order to ensure safety. Our dentist listens to your questions and concerns prior to any procedure to make sure you obtain a complete understanding and to reinforce your confidence. 

At our practice in Indianapolis, we provide oral sedation in the form of Triazolam, which should be taken an hour before procedures. As the effects of this option can linger for a little while after use, patients need to arrange to have a ride home following treatment with sedation. 

We also offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. Once nitrous has been administered, you will be able to relax for the length of the procedure without worrying about discomfort or involuntary movement. Patients are usually fully lucid once the procedure is complete, and can drive home on their own.

Why We Provide Sedation

The primary goal of sedation is to relax the patient and allow them to receive treatment without anxiety. We believe that any procedure, no matter how extensive, should be a comfortable and rewarding experience. 

At Hanson Family Dentistry, we understand that dental procedures can be intimidating to some, especially those who’ve had negative experiences in the past. We make it our goal to help you relax as much as possible because your comfort will help ensure the success of your treatment. We cater to your needs, offering treatment at your pace.  

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Whether you need cleaning or extensive dental treatment, the team at Hanson Family Dentistry provides quality service with your comfort in mind. We believe that treatment in any form should be a positive experience, but understand that dental offices can be a source of anxiety for some. To find out more about how Dr. Donald Hanson can improve your care with sedation in Indianapolis, call our office today to schedule your next appointment!

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