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Effective Invisalign Clear Aligners in Carmel, Indianapolis

Many adults and teens wish to have straighter smiles without having to wear traditional metal braces. Patients want discreet or invisible appliances that make treatment comfortable and normal bite function easy. At Hanson Family Dentistry, Dr. Donald Hanson offers Invisalign® trays to help patients achieve their beautiful and healthy smiles with ease.

These invisible trays allow patients at varying levels of misalignment to gain straighter teeth and a comfortable bite without sacrificing the confidence they already have.  Contact our Indianapolis Invisalign provider today to schedule your exam and consultation for invisible orthodontics.


Are Invisalign Trays Right for You?

Hanson Family Dentistry provides aligner trays for a number of patients dependent on their personal needs and goals for treatment. Invisalign corrects the appearance and function of smiles that have already had orthodontic treatment. These lapses occur due to failing to wear retainers or other incidents.

Compliance ensures that treatment is as effective and long lasting as possible, and patients must wear their trays for more than 20 hours per day. For younger patients who are in need of assistance remaining compliant,  we are able to provide treatment through Invisalign Teen. This is also an appropriate solution for those who are waiting for their permanent teeth to grow in.

More expedient care is also available for patients who only require minor adjustments using the system of Invisalign® Express.

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The Invisalign Process

Once Dr. Hanson has determined whether Invisalign is right for you, we take a detailed digital mold. This allows your trays to be made as accurate as possible without the mess of impression paste. These impressions are used to create a series of trays that are worn for two weeks at a time, helping shift teeth into your ideal smile.

Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment make little to no changes to their daily oral hygiene routines or their diet. These trays only need to be removed whenever brushing and during each meal. This allows patients to eat their favorite foods and floss normally without having to worry about broken brackets or food particles trapped behind wires.

Once treatment has concluded, patients will need to wear retainers regularly. Our practice provides you with discreet retainers to ensure that once your treatment has concluded, you can continue to be proud and comfortable in your smile.

Enhance your Smile at Hanson Family Dentistry Today

Had braces, didn’t wear your retainers and regret it? Try Invisalign for correction and gain your beautiful smile again!

Whether you need moderate adjustments to the alignment of your front teeth or have experienced a lapse from previous orthodontic treatment, contact Dr. Hanson today. We provide Invisalign clear aligners in Indianapolis to help improve the appearance and health of our patients’ smiles.


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