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I've been going to Hanson Family Dentistry for over 4 years now and I couldn't be happier. During that time I've had several cavities filled and the process was always quick and professional - they do excellent work. The staff is incredible and has always made my appointments enjoyable.

Chet I

Happy with my experience! They are very friendly and do a great job!!

Dustin M

Picking a new dentist can be some what overwhelming! My dentist retired , and I thought who to trust .
Lucky for me and my wife our dentist recommended Dr Hanson, she said he has a really good reputation among his peer dentist, and his patient reviews were very good.
My 1st visit started with setting up an appointment (Ruth)
Ruth answered all of my questions and checked into what my very limited insurance plan would pay. Ruth , explained that my insurance wouldn’t pay for much , no surprise to me as that was the case with my last dentist findings.However they have an in house plan that would save me quite a bit for x-rays fillings and beyond - a really good plan . Ruth, unlocked the front door and was only letting patients with appointments to enter. Ruth , was very careful to wearing a mask then to sanitize the clip board and pen used to complete my medical history, there were no other patients were I was seated. Entire staff very good about the COVID rules ! They offer online forms as well. Then I was introduced to Marianne who said that she had many years experience as a Dental Hygienist. Marianne was great she put me at ease right away took x-rays and check my teeth out very pleased.
Then Dr. Donald Hansen came in and introduced himself and looked at my x-rays and explained a plan that would meet my needs. He was very thorough in his explanation of the plan and wanted my feedback very caring guy. What I liked was that the dentist and staff were very friendly and professional. I was able to choose the plan that best fit my budget knowing what was a priority.
I have since recomended Dr Hanson to my brother and sister-in-law. 2 thumbs up . Mitch Thompson

Mitch T

Unfortunately, I no longer work with Dr. Hanson due to my husband getting a new job 3 hours away, but my time there was nothing short of great! I started working with Dr. Hanson once I had finished my dental assisting program in May 2012. With not a lot of experience Dr. Hanson was willing to help me become the assistant I needed to be. I am an expanded assistant, which means I can place fillings but luckily he didn't just throw me into doing large fillings. Dr. Hanson started me out slow and gave me constructive critique to make them better. I worked with Dr. Hanson until January 2016. I learned an incredible amount of dentistry and what I was capable of because of him. His work is flawless and always patient centered. All he wants is what's best for the patient. I enjoyed my time working with him and would recommend anyone to go there because I know the kind of work ethic and values he has on good dentistry, and that's hard to find. I would think a lot of the patients would agree seeming that a good amount have been long time patients of his and always had kind things to say. I'm so thankful that I was able to work with Dr. Hanson and his staff!

Lisa C

We are long time patients (10 years) of Dr. Hanson. Always happy with his work and professionalism of his team. We highly recommend!

Schawn W

I love the staff here. Everyone is very welcoming and answers every question honestly. I usually don't need to reschedule appointments but on the rare occasions I do it's never a hassle.

Jessica P

Great Dentist and professional staff!

Mike F


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