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Premium Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis, IN

A whiter smile can do wonders for your confidence. While there are many over-the-counter products available, most of these have little to no actual impact on the brightness of your smile.

Professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist is by far the most effective method of lightening your teeth. Our dental practice offers superior teeth whitening treatments in Indianapolis.

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Our Whitening Options for You

teeth whitening in inidanapolis

In-office Instant Whitening – We provide Venus White for chairside whitening. This method provides patients significant improvement in the shade of their smile. This option is perfect for last minute events when you want to look your best.

At-Home Whitening – When you want to whiten at your convenience in the comfort of your home we provide Venus White custom take-home trays for highly effective and long-lasting results.

Customized Whitening to Meet Your Unique Needs

At Hanson Family Dental, we take a dynamic approach to teeth whitening. If necessary, Dr. Hanson begins your treatment with micro-abrasion to address any intrinsic staining or mottling on the teeth.  These stains are individually treated before the rest of your teeth to ensure a more uniform smile is achieved.

Whitening as a Complement to Other Cosmetic Procedures

Hanson Family Dental offers teeth whitening in conjunction with other dental restoration treatments like bridges and crowns. If you are having any restorations performed and want your new smile to be whiter than before, we can whiten your existing teeth first to match your desired shade. This way your new smile will be brighter and blend together naturally.

Does Whitening Work for Everyone?

Whitening can lift shades on any smile, but some dental stains respond better to this treatment than others. For extrinsic stains, those that come from, poor dental care, consuming dark liquids and tobacco products, whitening works well. A deeper approach is necessary for intrinsic staining or mottling from genetics or medications. Sometimes Dr. Hanson may recommend a combination of whitening and veneers to treat severely intrinsically stained teeth.

Hanson Family Dental provides teeth whitening in Indianapolis along with an array of options to improve your smile. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure and Venus White includes ingredients that reduce or prevent sensitivity. Our dentist is dedicated to providing the most uniformly bright smile possible for our patients. Call Hanson Family Dental today and ask us about free whitening for life!


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