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At Hanson Family Dentistry, we enjoy treating families, starting with children as young as three years old. If your child is under the age of three and you have any concerns or they have injured a tooth, we are happy to see them and address whatever dental issues they are experiencing.

We are thrilled to serve multiple generations at our Indianapolis family dental office. To schedule a dental appointment for your child, call our practice today.

Committed to Caring for Your Child’s Dental HealthPediatric Dentist in Indianapolis

When our established patients bring their children in for the first time, it is like a homecoming for all of us. Hanson Family Dentistry offers a wide range of services to set a foundation of health that lasts a lifetime. At your child’s first visit, Dr. Hanson focuses on minimizing anxiety and building a positive relationship. We count their teeth and assess the condition of their dental health while engaging your child with stories and the importance of brushing their teeth and gums to keep them happy and healthy.

For small cavities, we use advanced, minimally-invasive techniques. We practice gentle dentistry and use relaxation methods to keep your child calm during their treatment for larger cavities. Our youngest patients know that once we are finished making their teeth “happy,” they will get to choose a prize from our overflowing treasure chest.

Some of our services for children include the following:

Preventive Care and Education – Ensuring the continued health of your child’s smile

Invisalign® Teen – To correct mild to moderate malocclusions

Pulpotomies – When your child has a deep cavity that has entered the inner tooth

Frenectomies – This procedure is performed with a dental laser for kids who suffer from tongue or lip tie

By establishing a foundation of trust and educating your child on the effects that foods like candy and sodas have on their teeth, Dr. Hanson instills a sense of pride and care when it comes to their smile.

We offer motorized toothbrushes and lessons on proper brushing and flossing for your kids, and often hear stories of how young patients run to the sink with their new toothbrush as soon as they get home to practice what they’ve learned.

For Your Teen’s Dental Care

We continue educating children into their teens. This is when we discuss the negative effects of a poor diet, alcohol, and tobacco on their dental health, and the ways they can keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Our Indianapolis family dentist is proud to offer Invisalign® clear aligner trays for mature teens who have mild to moderate malocclusion and desire a more discreet way to straighten their smiles.

For gentle family dentistry in Indianapolis, call Dr. Donald Hanson at Hanson Family Dentistry today.

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